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Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Pics and Not Much Else

I'll be honest. Today was 100% a Monday. I was awoken by a 7-year-old grump who informed me that it "Cannot be 6:45 already! It's too dark! I'm still tired! The alarm is not right!" So glad we got him that alarm clock for his birthday...

I forgot my breakfast. Had a bajillion interruptions while trying to finish a big project. Had a bunch of meetings while trying to finish the big project. I did get yummy cheap Chinese food for lunch, that's a positive. But all in all, I'm glad this day is coming to an end.

On a happier note, here are a few pics from our weekend in Kansas City. I didn't get as many as I thought, but you'll get the idea. Most are from Friday night when the kids exchanged Christmas presents and Mazy opened his birthday present. I didn't get a pic of my awesome presents from my sister! She got me olive oil that tastes like butter!! So excited to try it on some popcorn and in pasta! I really miss that butter flavor... Shawn will likely try to steal it too. She also got me some pasta made by someone in Kansas City, and some really cool cooking-themed post-it notes that are made to be used in cookbooks and magazines! They came in their own book and there are 20 different designs -- you can mark recipes you loved, ones you want to try, ones you hated, desserts, entrees, etc. It's a very cool idea!

And Steve got Shawn a super-duty LED flashlight that Shawn has blinded everyone in the family with at least a couple of times. He is in love with his new flashlight... :)

And now the photos:

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