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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time to Pack Christmas Away...

Oh yuck. This is the day I hate. Tearing down the Christmas decorations, repacking the ornaments, wrestling the tree back into its box and hauling it all back downstairs until next year. But I'd rather have it done and get a few days to redecorate and spruce up the house. So while the boys watch the Chipmunk 1 movie, I think I'll tackle the tree.

Shawn is trying to talk me into taking them to the matinee showing of Chipwrecked... I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of Chipmunk movies but they both have been very excited to see it. Of course, Shawn is back at work today so he thinks it's a great idea.  Maybe I will just take them for a walk and save the movie for tomorrow!

Since I last blogged, we've had Christmas night at Grandma Maxine's house. She made homemade mashed potatoes, chicken and noodles, her delicious bread and two fruit pies. I took a fruit salad. My aunt supplied a relish tray. And big surprise here! My dad made the greenbean casserole!! Holy cow, that is a first, let me tell you. My mom was too sick to attend, bummer. She's been sick for over a week now. We have our fingers crossed that she'll be better for Christmas at her house on Friday night.

Just had a lovely chat with my dear Uncle Tobin in Cape Cod. We don't visit nearly enough by phone so it's always a treat to hear from him and get updates about their busy and exciting lives in Massachusetts. Thanks again for the call!

Well, these decorations are not going to put themselves away so I guess I better get going. Happy Tuesday!

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