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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

It's sunny, blue skies and in the 40s here in Iowa. Which I have to say, is weird for Christmas Day! But what the heck, we'll take it. Makes travel easy!

Won't waste your time with a lot of writing today, just a few of my favorite pics from the last 24 hours:

 Me and the boys as we were heading to Christmas Eve at the inlaws! 

 Sitting on the stairs, waiting for Daddy to make coffee. One of the oldest Wirt Christmas traditions -- make the kids sit on the stairs for several minutes, anticipating what Santa brought! We sometimes sat on the stairs for HOURS... Seriously! 

 Santa presents!

 My presents from Shawn and the boys!

 This is why I love my husband -- look at this old-school trucker hat. It's hilarious! He found it at the flea market and it was one of my stocking stuffers. He figures I was likely at the state fair in 1983, when temps hit 108 degrees. I probably was there. I haven't missed too many Iowa State Fairs in my lifetime. 

 Shawn opening some stocking stuffers from me. This one was a chocolate Hans Solo in the carbonite chamber. It's a Star Wars thing.

Some fuzzy little outfits (all greens and yellows) for Baby Three! The baby also got some new glass bottles and diapers last night from Shawn's parents!

 And this just seems the perfect way to say, "Merry Christmas! Love you all and hope you're having a great day!"

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