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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dusting of Snow on a Sunday Morning

The rain most have stopped sometime last night and ended with just a dusting of snow on the ground and rooftops. It looks very pretty. A great day to bring out the rest of the Christmas decorations and get the house officially decked out for the holidays.

Yesterday ended up being rather a lazy day. But hey, we all need those once a week, right? We watched another super hero movie last night as a family, "Thor." I liked it. The lead actor is pretty cute. At the end of all these super hero movies, if you wait through the credits, there are previews to a movie coming out next year, "The Avengers." So far we've seen sneak previews in Captain America, Hulk and Thor. I don't know if there's another one in this series or not. I'm not really a comic book expert like my husband.

Anyway, Bo and I are cleaning house while Shawn and Mazy get groceries. My goal was to clean while they're away, and then start decorating. We're getting there! Just the living room left -- toys, toys, toys... And then vacuuming. It's nice to get the house picked up and decorated. We won't be around much this week so it should hopefully stay clean!

Probably will write more later. Until then, hope you're enjoying a lazy Sunday morning.

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