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Sunday, November 13, 2011

"We Can't All Come and Go by Bubble"

Twelve hours from now I'll be at Wicked!! (Today's title is a quote from the musical, by the way.) Whoohooo!!! I'm very excited! I saw it two years ago when it was in Des Moines -- Mom was supposed to have gone with us. But, alas, she was stricken by the flu and at the last minute had to cancel.

So tonight, we're doing it again! It's too bad Heidi is in Kansas City now, otherwise I'm sure she would be joining us. I made us reservations at Django -- Mom's never been there before. It's a favorite of mine. She already checked out the menu and is planning on the seared scallops with lobster mashed potatoes, grilled veggies and the beet salad. I can't decide what I'll have!

Before that, there's cleaning and laundry to do, of course. Need to run Mazy to the mall for some new jeans. Aunt Cindy sent us a 40% friends/family coupon for The Gap, so I think we'll go there and see what we find.

Poor Bo has been down with a cold/fever all weekend. While we shop, he'll take another nice long nap and Shawn will watch some football. Yesterday we were home all day -- Shawn cleaned out the gutters and nailed them back into place. We did a bunch of laundry and took care of our little sickly prince, who only wanted juice, water and Sprite throughout the day.

Oh, and I also bought all my Advent Presents for the annual Thanksgiving exchange with Mom, Heidi, Aunt Sherie and Grandma Maxine. We each bring 6 small gifts for each other (each person responsible for 24 total gifts) and then during December we all have a little something to open each day. It's a fun tradition we've been doing for years.

Well, breakfast isn't going to cook itself. Unfortunately.... So I guess I better get to it. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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