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Friday, November 18, 2011

Fevers, Sore Throats and Working from Home

Both boys have spent the morning playing Thomas the Train and have now settled down on the couch for a matinee viewing of, Jurassic Park III. Sore throats and fevers have kept our household in constant flux this week -- I was home with Bo on Monday, he went to daycare on Tuesday, I was home with Bo on Wednesday, Shawn was home with Bo on Thursday and today I am home with both of them. Bo just can't shake this fever/cold thing he has.

He probably could have gone back today, but I wanted him fully restored and refreshed before exposing him to 30 little germ carriers at daycare. Mazy woke up today with a slight fever, a sore throat and a very, very, very convincing rational for why he should stay home today.  :) Once a year, you gotta give the kids a mental health day. I know I take them, and it's only fair to share with them. He also had a substitute teacher at school today, so that helped sway me that he wouldn't be missing too much.

I'll make him do some math this afternoon and writing assignments and we'll call it a day. I already made him help clean up the downstairs.

Enough sick day talk. On to the weekend! Tonight Shawn will be at sci-fi game night and the boys and I have a date to watch "Captain America" and/or "A Christmas Story." I love, love, love "A Christmas Story." That little Ralphie cracks me up! It's such a great family movie. But I'm sure the boys would rather see the action-packed Captain America.

Tomorrow I'll be scrapbooking all day long at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Mom, me, sis-in-law Keri and her mom will be at the "Get Inspired" crop from 9 a.m. to midnight!

Today I've been packing my brand-new, awesome scrapbook cart that my in-laws got me for an early Christmas present! It has everything -- pockets for tools, holders for pens, dividers for papers, cute little pockets for ribbons and buttons and other stuff. And it has a nice long telescoping handle and wheels on it so I won't kill myself carrying it into the event! Thanks, Dwayne and Belinda!! It's perfect!!!! My back and I thank you!

All right, I need to go check the chicken nuggets and make some fruit salad and coleslaw for lunch. Happy Friday!

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