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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Love the Men Who Cook

As I was giving Bo a bath this morning (must be clean to go fishing...) the scent of vanilla and sausage wafted upstairs. Below, Shawn was making waffles and sausage patties for breakfast. I love men who cook, mine especially.

It's become a Sunday morning tradition to leave the TV off and encourage all family memebers to entertain themselves with toys, books or arts/crafts. It's nice to see what the boys come up with. Today Mazy is building a Lego Army and Bo is playing with the alphabet magnets on the fridge. Earlier Bo was serenading us with the chorus of "Footloose" -- we don't know where he learned it, but he knows it well.

I'm about to go shower and put away a couple loads of clean laundry. Then we'll quickly clean out the van and the boys and I will head West for the day. My dear husband, the one who cooks, has offered to go get groceries... At Walmart... On Sunday... God love this man. His reward will be an afternoon of football -- uninterrupted and without complaint froma  wife and two sons who do not appreciate the finer points of that televised sport.

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