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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Fades and Fall Plans Begin

Overheard at our house this morning:

Shawn: We can use these skeletons and Frankenstein monsters to make Halloween dioramas.

Mazy: And we can make a whole town of them! With a war! And werewolves!

Shawn: Well, let's just start with a few scenes and see how we do.

Mazy: OK, but I think we can do a big war! We have enough Legos to do it, especially if we get a Wolfman and Frankenstein's Monster!

Don't ask me what they're planning. But they're excited for Halloween and that makes me happy! I love the fall!!

Shawn typically decorates our house with all of his Halloween decorations over Labor Day weekend. I'm sure that will be the case again this year. It's always fun that first night to turn on all 15 of his various strands of Halloween lights and his neon Halloween signs and all his artificial pumpkins he's carved into amazing shapes and turn our house into a haunted home!

Last year Mazy and I had a blast decorating the backyard for Halloween and I suspect we will do it up even bigger this year. And of course there's the annual Halloween Party on the Farm to plan. And costumes! So far Bo has shown the least enthusiasm about Halloween -- refusing to wear his costume. But I'm hoping that he will consent to be Batman this year -- he'd be so cute in that costume!

Well, back to work. Just wanted to check in and prove I'm still around... Hope you're all having a great week!

Oh, and some fun plans for tonight. We're meeting Mom in Ankeny for a picnic at Saylorville Lake and a romp around the Polk City Farmers market. Beautiful weather planned for today -- 83 degrees and blue skies! Should be a great time for all!

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