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Monday, August 1, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist

In about 5 minutes, I'll be taking Bo to his first trip to the dentist. Hopefully all will go well and there will not be much to report back.

And while I have just a few minutes, here's a recap of the last few days:

  • Thursday night we met my mom at Bass Pro Shop for bowling and dinner! It was really fun. Both boys were in good moods and we all had a great time. Also that day, I picked Bo up from daycare and he had a terrible scrape from his forehead down to his nose! He looked awful. Apparently he fell head-first off a trike at daycare. It's already almost healed so no harm done. And he has earned himself the nickname, "Mike Tyson." 
  • Friday night Mazy went home with mom to spend the night at the farm. Bo and I were going to join him, but Bo was not feeling well so 1/3 of the way there we turned around and came back. Good thing we did. I picked him up out of Mom's backseat and he vomitted all over me! Better on me than in the car. 
  • Saturday we let Bo sleep in and then around 1 the rest of us drove out to the farm. Aunt Cindy from Mississippi is home this week and we were having steaks, sweet corn and lots of other goodies for her welcome back dinner at Mom's house. Mazy and his cousins swam all day. Bo took another long nap. This summer cold that he and I have really saps your energy. He was content to watch the dinosaur documentary and save swimming for the next time.
  • Sunday was a lazy day... A little house cleaning, mainly by Shawn (thanks for mopping, Babe!), a little yardwork early in the morning and not much else. Need to get back at it tonight and pick up the house and get a meal plan for the week.
  • Also, a big thank you to nephew Nick for bringing down the trailer and skidsteer so we could FINALLY get a new backstep to replace the broken one we've had for nearly two years... Thanks, Nick!
And then we're back to today. Mazy is with niece Tori this week in Nevada. The countdown to the start of school begins. I think he's having a great summer and not really excited about going back yet. But I know he will be as the day arrives.

Off to the dentist. Have a great Monday!

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