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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busy Last Days of Summer = Lazy Blogger

Can you believe I didn't touch a computer since last Friday at 5 p.m.? And boy was it great! I am finding it easier and easier to totally unplug and not pay any attention to technology when I am on vacation days.

Where to begin... Where to begin.. Might as well just give you the full update. Of course there are tons of new photos I need to share and lots of old ones I've promised and haven't gotten up yet!

Let's start in reverse chronological order:

  • Downtown School Open House -- Last night we briefly toured Mazy's new school building -- they changed location this year and will now be housed in the same building as DM Public's Advanced Placement classes at Central Campus on Grand and Fleur. It's a nice building and perhaps they will get to take advantage of some of the cool opportunities the high school students enjoy in that building -- culinary arts, marine biology, etc. School starts tomorrow!
  • Lunch and Shoe Shopping -- We all met mom for lunch in Ankeny yesterday (Seafood Market -- yum!)  and then we took the boys to Kohl's for new tennis shoes. Mazy got his first pair of Nikes ever. They fit the best of all that were available. He was out of practice tying the laces but by the time we drove home, he had mastered it again. 
  • State Fair with Bo -- On Monday night, Mom joined me for an evening at the fairgrounds with Bobo. Shawn and Mazy opted to stay home and play computer games together. It was a beautiful evening and Aunt Sherie, cousins Luke and Jenny and us had a fun time walking around and chasing Bo who had a LOT of energy... I'm glad I got some great pics of him with the animals and on the giant slide.
  • Sunday Night Campout in the Backyard -- Mazy has been wanting to campout in the backyard all summer and since summer is quickly fading, I decided Sunday night was the night. I learned two things: the ground is hard (very hard) and a lot of drag racing goes on in our neighborhood at 3 a.m.... Needless to say, he slept like a rock and I didn't get much sleep at all. But I was very happy that we got that in before school started. He thought it was really cool to be sleeping under the stars. 
  • Annual Hanson Family Corn Feed -- Saturday night was the annual Hanson family cornfeed in Nevada. Shawn's little brother Dusty surprised everyone by bringing his family up from Georgia. Good to see River and Simon -- the little niece and nephew we rarely see. River is Bo's age and Simon is about 18 months. Both cute little monkeys! The cornfeed was a big success -- beautiful weather, about 100 people in attendance and all the delicious food you could possibly care to eat! Yum, yum, yum!
  • Cousin Camp and Fireworks Finale -- And Friday night directly after work, Shawn and I raced to the farm for the final activities of Cousin Camp 2011. If you recall, Mom and Heidi took both boys to the farm on Thursday night. Friday all the cousins (except Bandy's girls) were at the farm for a day of games, swimming and cousin bonding. New this year was an obstacle course out by the cornfield. Shawn and I were in charge of the evening festivities -- a scavenger hunt for prizes and the firework finale (Shawn). The kids were dead tired but they all made it through the fireworks. And the noise and lights didn't even scare the cattle like we feared! Thanks Mom and Heidi for all your hard work that day!
And now I'm back at work. Resting. Quiet weekend ahead -- think I'll bale out the house and get organized for the school year. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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