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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer of Swimming

I grew up swimming in a farm pond. And I loved it. We didn't care that you couldn't see the bottom of the pond -- many times you couldn't even see your own hand just one foot under the water! We had two docks and a diving board. We had an assortment of inner tubes. We had a private swimhole that was far superior to the crowded, chemical-filled community pool in a neighboring town 8 miles away. 

I clearly remember the summer my Great Aunt Ermadale taught the four of us to swim. At the end of our week of lessons, we held an exhibition for our parents, grandparents and close family friends. Not to brag, but I was the bravest and best swimmer among us that summer. I was diving and jumping off the diving board and swimming across the pond. I loved swimming. I loved the exhilaration of jumping in and being blasted by the cool water. I loved diving and slicing through the water like a fish. I loved floating in an inner tube with the back of my head submerged so I was in two worlds -- listening to the water, but feeling the sunshine and breeze.

And I loved the heart-pounding, don't-stop-until-you-drop fun of swimming on a hot summer afternoon, especially if you'd been working hard all morning.

With those memories flooding back to me, it is with great joy that I watch my boys really discover their love of swimming this summer. Grandpa's pool will become their farm pond of summer memories. They'll remember the hours and hours they spent swimming in the pool. The anticipation of driving to the farm and running to jump in. The joy of having an entire pool all to themselves. And the peaceful, fun-filled afternoons of doing nothing but floating, jumping and splashing.

Other News
Bo got a new backpack last weekend. Today he finally agreed to take it to daycare with him. Previously, he told us it was "only for school." Anyway, he was showing it off to one of the daycare workers when I picked him up and he told the guy it was a triceratops and had three horns. The guy was very impressed and said, "Bo, I can't believe you can pronounce triceratops."

And I said, "That's nothing, wait until the day he tells you about liopleurodon." And then as if on cue, Bo piped up and said, "Liopleurodon is BIG! He has little arms and GIANT sharp teeth! And postosuchus is big and scary too! And Utahraptor is little but mean!"

The guy stood there with his mouth open for about 10 seconds and then burst out laughing. He said, "I have no idea what he's talking about but I know he does."

For those of you who haven't been reading dinosaur books lately, liopleurodon is a gigantic marine reptile that kind of looked like the loch ness monster mixed with Jaws, postosuchus was a gigantic marine crocodile and Utahraptor was just a little land dinosaur with claws and teeth for eating meat.

 And finally, I've been meaning to share photos of the new room at my parent's house. Mom hasn't put any photos up on her blog yet so I don't think she'll mind that I do it.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have this new room for our parties and get-togethers!! And didn't Mom do an awesome job filling it with all her antiques and stuff? We love it!!!
 This is the old living room. Where the white paint starts is where the old living room ended. Now imagine 17 of us crammed into that room and opening a mountain of Christmas presents!!!

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