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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Planning for Fall

I know it seems early -- it's still July! But the fall will be here before I know it and I'm started to get us organized. Our house needs cleaned out, fixed up and put on the market. That's the big priority.

But beyond that, there are a lot of things I want to do this fall and planning now will ensure we get to do them:

  • Weekend camping trip -- my goal is to schedule a weekend this week and book a camp site so we can go on a family camping trip (somewhere Shawn is crying as he reads this)   :)
  • Fishing day with Grandpa Pud -- once the weather gets cooler, we're planning a day to go fishing with grandpa!
  • Fall art classes for Mazy -- I just moments ago signed Mazy up for a fall art class at the Des Moines Art Center. This year he will be "Creating with Clay". His class will be at 9 a.m. on Saturdays from Sept. through December. 
  • Scrapbooking events with Mom -- we found one all-day crop in November that we're going to attend but I'd like to get at least one more on the schedule so I can work on some albums
  • Garage saleing with Shawn -- we are going on the annual Hwy 141 garage sale on Aug. 5. It's a blast and I think we might even take Mazy with us this year! But it would be fun to attend more this fall. 
  • Halloween fun -- there's so much to do with Halloween that we need to start planning early to make sure we do it all: pumpkin patch, orchard, party, costumes, decorating the house, etc. 

And of course, before the fall, we have the Iowa State Fair to look forward to. A trip to Adventureland. Cousin camp at the farm. My sister Heidi's visit in August. The Hanson Family Corn Feed. Maybe a camping trip for the boys with Shawn's parents. A sewing day on Labor Day weekend with Shawn's sisters. And who knows what else!

Quick, write down three things you want to do before summer ends and three things you want to do this fall! Tell me what they are -- love to hear your plans!


  1. Summer list - go to another drive-in movie, take Porter on a day/weekend special outing before baby comes, get caught up on baby books/journal/memory boxes. Fall - hopefully have beautiful fall weather for enjoying time outside with Porter and new baby.

  2. My summer is never complete until I come home to Iowa - which I do tomorrow. I was just thinking how happy I am to be coming home..what a full circle it has been. First married with Dave, adding a child every year or so, and now back to myself. But, I love coming home - just wish Mom was still around now that I have more time to be there. I do really enjoy my time with Dad - we get along good. Do what you want, take walks, go on picnics, go to be early and get up early! But, that is the way life goes - enjoy every second. Speaking of which - sure hope I get to see some of your family while I'm home.

  3. Cindy, I didn't know you were coming home so soon!!! Oh how exciting! Yes, yes, yes, let's make sure we get to see you this weekend.

    And Kortney, I love the idea of a drive-in movie and another special day with Porter. I remember taking Mazy for one of those days before Bo was born. We had a picnic at Greenwood Pond by the old science center. We walked all around the pond and I took a bunch of pictures of him. It was a great day.