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Monday, June 20, 2011

Shopping, Packing and Cleaning If There's Time!

So, just four more work hours (3.5 by the time I make it to the office) until my summer vacation begins! Yahooo! I'm working until noon tomorrow, going for a solo lunch at Gateway Market, picking Mazy up from his LAST day of kindergarten at 1:30, taking him to Half-Price Books for a surprise summer reading spree ($20 can get you a lot of used chapter books!), picking up Bo from daycare and then taking the boys out for ice cream to celebrate the first official day of summer!

And thennnnnn. We're having a little backyard BBQ in honor of Mazy's last day of kindergarten and having hotdogs, mac & cheese, salad, chips and dip and ... the ever-popular summertime dessert, pumpkin pie... The menu was created by Mazy, if you were wondering. I'm surprised sushi is not on it.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get some sparklers and other outdoor fun activites and just spend the entire night outside -- celebrating the longest day of the year, the eve of our vacation, the end of school, Bo's third birthday and whatever else we can think of.

So, back to tonight. I need to run to the grocery store for stuff for tomorrow, then when I get home, get the boys bags packed for KC and start packing mine, and if time allows, clean the house a little. But I have a feeling time (and my energy) will not allow. Oh well. Let's just hope it doesn't rain tomorrow night!

OK, I'm off! Have a great night!

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