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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Night Wind-Down

Oh and here it is, the end of another vacation... It's been a fun one -- swimming, blueberry picking, more swimming, reading books, dinosaur restaurant, the World War I museum today, out to dinner tonight with Heidi and Steve, and lots of fun with the boys.

Bo's 3rd birthday was great -- he was a bit scared by the dinosaur restaurant until we informed him that the dinosaurs were just robots, not real. "Just robots, Mama. Biiggggg robots." We had a party for him last night at Heidi and Steve's house -- tacos, birthday cookie cake, presents, birthday bingo for prizes (Grandma Katy's idea!), firefly catching, and lots of decorations and fun.

Today we took the boys to the World War 1 Museum -- it was really cool. We spent a couple hours there but Shawn and Mazy could easily have stayed for the entire day. It's a really neat museum, lots of interactive displays. We took the elevator to the top of the 230-foot Memorial Tower. It was a little nerve-wracking holding Bo up to the edge to look over the side, but I kept a very, very tight grip on him and never gave him a chance to try and climb up. I have found as a parent that I prefer enclosed viewing towers...

And now we're back at Heidi's and I'm getting ready to dye Jenny's hair... I'm not an expert at this so wish her luck.  :)

Back to Iowa tomorrow and the end of vacation.

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