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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hot Time in the City

Heat index today of 106... Yikes. Too hot for me. I need to go water some plants later -- it hasn't rained since the weekend and things are looking a little droopy.

Sadly, the heat has convinced me to forego the Yankee Doodle Pops concert tomorrow night. I really do love that concert, but it will be no fun sitting in that heat for five hours... Instead, the boys and I are heading to the farm for some swimming, relaxing and fun. Shawn's coming out on Saturday. He has sci-fi game night on Friday.

I've been wanting to post Mazy's last day of kindergarten picture. I loved my sister's idea: she had Theron wear the same outfit she wore the first day of school. Mazy was happy to comply.

So here's the FIRST day of kindergarten photo, taken August 2010:

So happy for the first day of school!

And here's the LAST day of kindergarten photo, taken June 21, 2011:

Can you tell that he was trying not to cry? How sweet is that -- crying about the last day of school! He really loves his teacher Mr. Kerns. But the funny thing is, Mazy gets Mr. Kerns again next year! And summer break is only 7 weeks! So there's really nothing to cry about. But I think it was sweet that he did!

Well, Bo is getting grumpy and it's his bedtime. I'll tell you more about a recent diagnosis for him -- turns out he may also have a dairy allergy that could be contributing to his aggressive behavior. In a way, that's a huge relief. I can handle a dairy allergy! 

More on that tomorrow. Stay cool!

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