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Friday, April 8, 2011

Rainy Day, But It's a Friday!!

I love Fridays. I really, really do. I just wake up excited about the day and the upcoming weekend. I've often wondered if you feel that way when you're retired? Or, do Fridays lose their magic because you're not working and don't need the upcoming weekend to relax and unwind? It's a risk I'm willing to take one day. :)

So tomorrow we are going to Grandma Maxine's house for supper. We might meet up with Troy and Kael sometime during the day. Maybe play in the mud at the farm. Mom's house is being remodeled so we are postponing events there until the new addition is finished.

Sunday we're headed to Nevada for lunch and then a confirmation celebration for niece Tori for supper. And that will pretty much fill the weekend!

Good news, three more people chose my ThredUp boxes of the boys' outgrown clothes! It's so exciting! Like an online garage sale where all the clothes are good and none of the people are weird! I've ordered three boxes of clothes for Mazy that should arrive any day -- jeans, shorts and summer shirts. He's excited to get mail.

Well, since I'm at work I suppose I should start doing something. :)  Have a great weekend, everybody!

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