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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break in KC Photos!

Here's the birthday present I made mom -- a shopping bag, cloth-covered notebook and reading glasses case. They turned out pretty good and I loved the nautical theme!

Here's the delicious monkey bread that Heidi made on Friday morning. We ate on it all weekend! Bo, especially, was a big fan of it!

Here's her dining room where we spent many hours sewing, chatting, drinking coffee and hanging out. It was a productive sewing weekend for both of us!

Here's Heidi and her raspberry mojito. It was so nice on Friday night that we ate outside to celebrate Mom's birthday! Just the three of us that night -- food, drinking, shopping and dessert!

Here's the birthday girl with her drink -- I can't remember what kind it was but it must have been good because she had two!

Here's me and my huge Long Island iced tea! Yes, I drank all of it. :)

Oh my goodness that little Hudson is just the sweetest boy you will ever meet! Look at him! He just cracks me up! He and Bobo enjoyed bath time together.

Easily the highlight of the trip for the kids -- the ice cream truck!!! It stopped right across the street from Heidi's house on Saturday afternoon. The boys were in HEAVEN! They all pointed to the treat they wanted and then we took them back to Heidi's to eat them in the backyard.

Sorry for the upside down photo -- everyone and their ice cream treats. I don't know where Bobo was hiding. His batman ice cream treat stained his entire face blue for several hours!!

Another highlight -- Fritz's restaurant where your food is delivered by train cars that run around a track just below the ceiling. It was pretty cool. And the kids, of course, loved it. The food wasn't bad either, and pretty cheap for a theme restaurant.

Mom snapped this photo of me, Bo and Shawn at the train restaurant. This was after Bo threw a fit and had to be carried from the building by Shawn for a time-out in the van. At least he came back in a great mood!

Bo and Theron decorated Grandma Katy's birthday cake. They were a good team and used every single decoration we gave them.

See what I mean? Every single decoration!

Grandma getting a little help blowing out her candles. We only made her blow out 5. The kids really wanted to see all 58 however.

Hudson and Grandpa Kevin, or Grandpa Pig as Heidi's kids call him.

And here are three of the five bedside book organizers I finished over the weekend. The dinosaur on the left is Bo's, the other two are for Mazy's school's charity fundraiser in a few weeks.

And here are the other two bedside organizers. These are for a silent auction in a couple weeks to raise money for one of my coworker's charities. I have lots of fun stuff I'm going to include with them!

What a great weekend! It was fun. The car ride down and back was a breeze with the boys -- mainly because Shawn's mom loaned us her dual DVD player. They were very content to watch Scooby Doo episodes. 

Today I had another vacation day. I kept both boys home with me. We had a very lazy, but fun day. I'll post some photos tomorrow of our one-day spring break at home! Tomorrow it is back to work for me, but at least I will be doing it from the comfort of my home. I'm working from home all week since Mazy is home from school. Looking forward to getting a lot of my writing projects caught up. 

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