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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Saturday!!!

I'll make this quick -- lots to do before heading out to the farm. Need to get the oil changed, run to the Snow Carnival with Mazy downtown, hit the grocery store for a few items, grab lunch, pack up the van and head west for a couple days of fun on the farm!

Wanted to show some recent photos of funny boy Bo. Photographing him is a challenge.... my camera can't keep up! But I kind of liked this blurry photos so I didn't delete them. Bobo is perhaps the biggest fan of the farm in all of Des Moines. You could bribe that kid to do anything if you told him he could go to the farm for doing it.

I told them both to sleep in this morning (not thinking they would) but this morning at 8:40 Bo came into our room and announced, "I awake MAMA! I awake! Need milk!"

Whatever your plans this weekend, have a wonderful time!!!

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  1. Oh Bobo you are so cute! And so very ornery sometimes. You remind me of your mama.