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Monday, February 7, 2011

Restful Monday

Love days when I'm home with the boys, NOT working, and just enjoying being in the house and playing with them. We started with monster trucks and then moved on to Geo Trax train set. Ate leftovers for lunch, and more for supper. Mazy helped Shawn shovel the driveway -- not much snow on it but it's nice to get it off. And boy oh boy, is it cold!! After a beautiful, sunny weekend, the cold is back.

Another vacation day tomorrow. Bo is heading back to daycare. Mazy and I have a date for the historical building -- our monthly museum visit together. Maybe we'll have lunch there or somewhere in the East Village. Wednesday through Friday I'll be working from home. We're having lunch with mom in Ankeny on Wednesday. I need to stop at the fabric store and pick up a few accessories for a birthday present I'm making for Grandma Maxine.

And now for some pics from the weekend:

 Bo licking the spoon after Grandma made a cherry pie.

 Mazy and Bo playing on Mt. Snow at the farm. 

 Mazy's pre-game prediction sign: Packers 30, Steelers 13. He wasn't far off!

Troy and Shawn's redneck snowman. Please note: I made the three snowballs for the snowman by myself, and then when it came time for decorating, suddenly everyone wanted to help!  
Troy rolled a HUGE snowball and after we all went into the house, he stayed outside and rebuilt the snowman into this 7-foot-anatomically-correct wonder....

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