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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jimmy John's Egg Casserole

Do you have a Jimmy John's sandwich shop near you? It is America's fastest growing franchise. And I love it. As many people do. If you have never been, go try the Beach Club. Delish! Anyway, Shawn often goes to Jimmy John's in Ames for lunch and sometimes he picks up a loaf of their day-old sub bread for supper. He picked one up Friday, but we never ate it. By today, it was very day-old. So I turned half of it into a delicious breakfast casserole this morning!

I added eight eggs, Shawn's coconut milk, leftover ham slices, a few pieces of cooked bacon that were left in the package, a handful of fresh spinach leaves and salt/pepper. I sliced half the loaf into one-in. pieces, put them in the bottom of my baking dish, whisked all the other ingredients in a bowl, poured it on top and baked it at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. I topped the boys' pieces with shredded cheddar and added some fresh goat cheese to mine before serving. Shawn can't eat cheese. Too bad for him. It was good!

So it's Sunday morning. I cleaned the downstairs for an hour and 20 minutes. I have plenty more I could do, but I don't want to overexert myself. :)  The boys are tired and grumpy after having been up late last night. We were at Shawn's parents until 9 so I could finish the sewing project I was working on.

Want to see it? It's freaking awesome!!! I am so proud of it!!! Seriously, it looks good. And that's mainly because Shawn's mom and sister Sandy were there to help me figure out the confusing pattern... But now that I've made it, I could easily make more. So if you really like it.... let me know!

But first, here's a few pics from my birthday weekend. Jeez, I didn't realize how badly I needed a haircut.

 Master and apprentice: this is how video game addicts are created...

 Couldn't pass up this photo! Three butts all playing mini-bowling. I love it!

 Me and my boys!!! I love them!!! 

 Opening my presents with Mazy. These two books: one a biography of a nun, one the biography of a stripper... I'm really not sure what Shawn is trying to tell me with these.  :)

My favorite present: Mazy's murder memo pad! It's a body outline with a blood pen that sticks through the body's heart!

OK, and now for the big unveiling of my One-Yard Wonders "Flouncy Bag" that I made for Grandma Maxine's 84th birthday, which happens to be tomorrow. We aren't celebrating her birthday until the first weekend in March so I'm going to make some homemade baking mixes to go with it. Please remember, this is the first purse I have ever made. And that will make you even more impressed.   :)

Look at it: the Flouncy Bag! So fun, so pretty!

 There's just a hint of gold in the fabric, so I chose a gold ribbon for the under handle and I love the way it turned out. This fabric is a pretty red with roses and birds, which are two of Grandma's favorite things.

 Here's another view of it -- aren't those gathers nice? 

 This is actually the inside, which is fully lined and Shawn's sister Sandy had the great idea to create our own pockets -- two from the ribbon and one from a small piece of fabric that was leftover. 

And one last view to give you a better look at the fabric and the piping -- which I have never applied before. But it was a breeze!

I can't wait to give this to her! Grandma loves purses and although she doesn't shop much anymore, I still wanted to make something fun for her. She's made me so many cool things over the years so I wanted to make her something special. 

Well, that's all for now. Talk to you guys later!

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  1. Love it! I will never figure this out on my own so maybe you can make me one for my birthday! T loves it too.