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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Supper's cooking so I have to make this short. We're having red beans and rice with chicken, shrimp and sausage. Steamed fresh green beans. Italian bread. And a few leftover stuffed clam shells from last night.

Today was fun. Mazy and I went to the Science Center of Iowa to check out the Da Vinci exhibit, which is only here until Jan. 15. It was pretty cool. Mazy was not so impressed, but I made him watch the 50-minute documentary and he found most of it pretty cool. I had no idea how brilliant Da Vinci was. I hope it will inspire Mazy to be creative, artistic, smart and curious!

No. We did not take Bo. Do I feel bad? A little. But he would not have enjoyed the Da Vinci exhibit because it was a lot of reading and NO touching. Mazy had enough trouble staying attentive.

OK, not much time left so let me unveil the official 2011 New Year's resolutions made by the Wirt-Hanson household last night. We celebrated our resolutions with a toast of sparkling apple cider and frosted sugar cookies. Yum!

1 Way You Will Improve YOURSELF in 2011

Mazy: Exercise more, by swimming and learning karate. (hi-ya!)

Bo: More swimming!

Shawn: Eat better.

Keesia: More exercise and a healthier lifestyle!

1 Way To Have More Fun in 2011

Mazy: Go to 100 museums!

Bo: Go swimming! (Noticing a theme here...)

Shawn: More Halloween activities in October and playing more board games with the family.

Keesia: Make time to sew and scrapbook, and to use up all the fabric and scrapbook materials I have before buying new!

1 Way to Help the World

Mazy: Pick up trash around the neighborhood.

Shawn: Donate stuff to Goodwill.

Keesia: Raise money as a family and give it to our favorite charity.

I asked Bo who we should give money to and he said: "The park!"

So, I am going to find a local park project for our family to raise funds for this year. OK, it smells like our red beans and rice is nearly finished. Hope you all had a great start to the new year!

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  1. Jenny: Hang with thee* best cuz ever more. Durrdadurr