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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday, Mazy!!

Happy birthday, Mazy!!!

Six years ago we were at Methodist Hospital tonight -- marveling at our new red-haired baby boy who weighed in at nearly 9 pounds.

He was such a beautiful, round-faced little baby. And he's still as sweet and cute as they come (most days). :)

Happy birthday, Mazy! I'm so glad I got to spend most of the day with you! I went to his school and volunteered for recess/lunch duty, then handed out treats for his in-class party, and then since it was an early out day for his school, he went home with me at 1:30 and we met Shawn at All Play for a late lunch and video games! Mazy and Shawn played a two-person pirate adventure game and Mazy defeated the end boss all by himself! Next, I ran home to wrap presents and Mazy and Shawn went to Toys R Us to pick out a Star Wars Lego set with some of Mazy's birthday money. Now we're home and waiting for supper tonight with Shawn's parents.

Six Things I Love About Mazy (and there are so many others!)

1. His love of books and reading.

2. His curiosity about science and the world around him.

3. His blue eyes, freckled nose and killer grin.

4. His artistic ability.

5. His daring palate -- how many 6-year-olds love sushi!

6. His confident dance moves!

Love you little man! Hope your birthday is as wonderful as you!

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