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Monday, October 4, 2010

Just Being Kids Night

October 4 Halloween Fun:
  • Wearing sweatshirts and just being kids in the backyard!
This weather cries out for unsupervised backyard fun. The boys had a ball together after work/school/daycare today. I kept the backdoor open so we could keep an eye and ear on them as we made supper. It's a treat for them to play in the yard. They started off in the graveyard. Mazy pulled the skeleton's arm off and was chasing Bo with it.

Then Mazy headed for his new favorite pasttime: tree climbing. Bo likes to play in the big bushy tree as well.

Next Bo found his ride-on four-wheeler and took a few laps around the house. He scoots himself around on it pretty well. Then he dragged out the little play mower and took a few more laps around the house. Mazy was content to hang out in the tree and make it "talk" by shaking its branches every time Bo came near.

It was a great night.

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