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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back after a Family Break

Whew. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am still tired from the 44th annual Wirt Family Picnic Extravaganza last week! I know I didn't do much for it compared to most people, but just cramming in extra work during the day so I could have my nights free to see family members, and making extra food for events, and driving back and forth to Panora, and entertaining all our awesome relatives who were in Des Moines, was a lot of activity for us!

But I loved it all. We had so much fun showing my uncles from Cape Cod all around downtown Des Moines. The World Food Prize Food Festival was going on all weekend, we hit the Farmers Market on Saturday morning, went to Django for supper Friday night, and then spent the rest of the weekend with more than 130 relatives who traveled to Iowa from 16 different states! It was great.

And my cousin Cody came and stayed with us for a night. And we had a blast with him. He is the perfect representation of a Southern young man -- such good manners, easy going, handsome and polite. I just love him to pieces. Sorry ladies, he's married to a very sweet woman. They're a good pair.

And cousin Jordy was back with her crazy new man who I had never met before! He has stories of catching crocodiles and tromping through Louisiana swamps -- a favorite with our family, to say the least! And my aunt Cindy and uncle Dave and cousin Logan -- it was just so much fun to see them all. And we had perfect weather for the weekend. Sunshine, blue skies and not a drop of rain. Can't believe how lucky we were. The 10.10.10 Wirt Picnic was a success!

The only bad thing is I was so busy that I kept forgetting my camera and I didn't get a single photo of it. Not one! Do you know how unusual that is for me? Bummer. But I'm hoping other relatives will share with us so I have at least a few pics for the family scrapbook.

Again, thank you to all who came back for the picnic and spent time with me, Shawn and the boys. We love you dearly and wish we could see you much more often!

I'm working from home today with Mazy. He is officially on fall break today! We have a conference with his teacher tonight at 5:50, and then he is off tomorrow and all of next week. It should be a good time. Next Wed. and Thurs. we're taking a family vacation to Honeycreek Resort near Lake Rathbun. I'm really looking forward to that!

Have a great Thursday.

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  1. We had a great time also Keesia loved seeing your family and all of the Wirts. In fact I enjoyed all of the Wirts so much - some that are around your age I found so nice and interesting. I have been exhausted since I've been back also. Worked, and then this weekend we have Bethany and Seth Arganbright staying at the cabin. So very excited for them, but a definitely bittersweet as he leaves for Afghanistan for a year. Can't imagine.

    I can't believe you didn't take any pictures!! I have some and will try and get copies to you.

    love, Aunt C