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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Overachiever Egg Casseroles

It's a three-day weekend! No school tomorrow so the boys and I are hanging out together. We had planned to go to the orchard with Shawn. But, due to transgressions by both boys at school and daycare this week -- one talked back to his teacher and the other pummeled another child with a book -- the orchard trip has been postponed until both behave well and earn it as a reward.

Instead, we're now going to the doctor's office to get flu shots. Fun! (They don't know that yet.)

And what am I doing on my day off? Well, I'm waking up at 6 a.m. to bake two egg casseroles and deliver them to the Downtown School by 7:30 a.m. Boy, am I sucker or what? I attended my first PTA meeting two weeks ago and they sent around a sign-up sheet for parents who would be willing to bring in breakfast foods for the teachers for tomorrow's in-service day. I love the Downtown School and the teachers all seem great. So I wanted to help out and show my appreciation. Instead of choosing something easy, like a gallon of juice or paper plates -- I signed up to bring egg casseroles! What was I thinking?? I also signed up to help at the upcoming book fair, be on the communications committee for PTA but said no to helping with school photo day and monitoring the hallways before school started.

Anyway, I made the casseroles after supper and now they're in the fridge. Just need to pop them in the oven tomorrow morning, go back to bed for an hour and deliver them.

Well, I better sign off. We have piles of clothes to tag for the garage sale on Saturday. Forecast is calling for rain so it's likely the sale will be a bust. Anyway, have a great Friday everyone!

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