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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Another Day in Agency Paradise

I've never seen the show "Mad Men" -- mainly because I live it five, sometimes six days a week. I'm told it's about an advertising agency in NYC. It's set back in the "good ol' days" when men wore suits and smoked at their desks and pinched their secretary's asses... Gee, sounds great.

Anyway, today I had a "Mad Men" day. I sat down at my desk at 8:20 (yes, I was late. The boys didn't sleep well last night and it was like WW3 trying to get them dressed, fed, shoed and buckled into their car seats) and I did not leave my desk until 3:05 when I was called into a meeting. And then I returned at 3:20 and did not get up until 4:47 when I cried "uncle" and left to get Mazy and to eat some food. I missed breakfast and lunch! Two meals! Yes I can miss a few meals, and probably should, but that's not the point. I might as well have had a ball and chain on my ankle today. I got dragged into some terrible, tedious project for one of our clients and what was sold as "just a couple hours of your time" turned into a 40-hour project this week. Of course, that doesn't include any of my other client work that didn't get touched and needs to be given some love sometime this weekend.

But I'll worry about that after the wedding. I don't have to be in Indianola until 2 p.m. Friday so that gives me 5 glorious hours in the house ALL BY MYSELF!!!!! Do you know how exciting that is for me! I'm never in this house alone. I don't know what I'll do with myself!

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