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Thursday, September 9, 2010

It always seems like a good idea...

Wednesday night. Beautiful fall evening. My bright idea: let's eat a quick supper of leftovers and take the boys to Central Library to checkout some books.

We haven't been to the library in ages. But both boys are little bibliophiles and instead of continuing our trend of buying them books, I thought it would be worth revisiting Des Moines' fancy downtown library to borrow some of theirs.

A fine idea. In theory. We arrived at 6:45 or so. Not many people there. Found a rockstar parking spot right in front of the entrance. And then the following occurred:
  • Bo refused to walk and I had to haul his heavy butt all through the library.
  • Once at the children's section, both boys were very happy and entertained. Until it was time to leave...
  • Bo threw a huge fit at checkout time -- throwing his books across the atrium, garnering prissy glares from two librarians and resulting in him being forcefully carried out of the building on Shawn's shoulder.
  • Mazy's library card had a $35 overdue fee!
  • Bo's stupid dinosaur book set off the alarm and we had to go back in and talk to the librarian who just lectured me on overdue fees...
  • After being in the van for 30 seconds, Mazy decided he did not like the books he had chosen and instead wanted to "trade" with Bo. This resulted in a very loud fight and me yelling, "Just sit down and look at your stupid dinosaur books. Both of you!"
And that's when I decided maybe TV time after supper (instead of promoting literacy at the library) isn't so bad after all ....


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