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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dinosaurs in Guthrie County

Future paleontologist Mazy digging dino bones
at the Chicago Children's Museum

So after our failed fossil expedition on Sunday, I decided to research fossil sites in Iowa to see if I could find a place to take Mazy to look for them. Apparently there are a lot of fossils in Iowa! But the most exciting discovery was that the one and only dinosaur bone fragment ever found in Iowa was found in Guthrie County!! That's my home county, where the farm is! If you scroll down in the article you can read about it. Pretty cool.

And I also found out about the Fossil and Prairie Center and Park Preserve in Rockford, Iowa -- about 2 and a half hours north of Des Moines. It looks like an awesome place to take the boys for a fossil hunt. I'm hoping to schedule it before it gets too cold. But if we don't make it there until spring, that's OK too.

I'm home with Bo this morning. Had to pick him up from daycare yesterday at about 11 because he had some kind of stomach bug. You certainly can't tell it by the way he's behaving! He's happy, active and in a very, very pleasant mood. It's been fun to stay home with him. Shawn came home early yesterday too, so I was able to surprise Mazy and pick him up from school at 3:20 so he could skip the after-school program. He was very happy to see me. Then he and I went to Central Library to check out new books, and buy smoothies for everyone. The weather was beautiful all day, and it is today as well. Wish I was spending the entire day at home!

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