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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A new niece for us!

Wednesday night update: here's a photo of Imersyn!

Gotta make this quick -- my brother Bandy and his wife Kindi had their new baby girl last night at 3:30 a.m. Her name is Imersyn Scarlet. I just ordered pizza that I'm taking to the new family tonight at the hospital. And one for us, too!

Tomorrow is Mazy's first day of school. His box of new school clothes arrived today from Kohl's. He and Bo have been taking out all the clothes and trying them on. There are lots of dinosaur shirts and a couple of monster truck shirts, and a belt with flames on it that they're fighting over. Unfortunately, the three pair of jeans I ordered are huge on Mazy! Guess we'll be taking those back. He is now wearing three long-sleeved shirts over his t-shirt and a pair of dinosaur pajama bottoms over his shorts...

It rained all day today -- I think it's supposed to clear up tomorrow. It will probably get nice and humid again in time for us to take he boys to the fair Friday night. Oh well, it will be the weekend and who cares!

I'll try to find the camera before I go to the hospital to get some photos of Imersyn. Until later!

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