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Monday, August 30, 2010

Countdown to Fall

What a weekend! It was busy, fun and relaxing. Here's a quick recap:
  • Saturday — Lincoln Highway Days parade in Nevada, we also stayed for lunch and dinner. While Bo was napping, we took Mazy to get new shoes at Lazy M shoes in Ames. They are one of those rare locally owned stores that are true experts at what they do. Outstanding customer service and only high-quality brands that are proven to survive little boys.
  • Sunday — Created a meal plan for the week, picked up Mazy's artwork from the state fairgrounds, bought groceries, made niece Irelyn some pillow dolls for her 2nd birthday, washed and put away three loads of laundry, watched a movie with the boys, took the boys to run off some steam at the Pappajohn Sculptural Garden, made Mazy some lunchbox dinosaur magnets for a surprise during his snack time today, and watched a movie with Shawn.
I haven't been posting much lately. 1. I was swamped at work, but now it's calmed down again. 2. Now that I have changed my dream I don't know what to make my blog about. It's having it's first identity crisis.

I'll think about it and figure out the best way to proceed.

In other news, Mazy still likes school and dinosaurs. Bo is still getting into daily trouble at daycare and the word "intervention" was used by his providers last week. He also likes dinosaurs. Shawn is getting anxious for football and Halloween. He is carving some pumpkins (the fake kind) for people who like his intricate designs. So if you are interested, let us know. He is the Pumpkin King and can carve anything... Really, anything. He has carved Mazy's face in a pumpkin, as well as my brother Troy's face and his wife Keri's face (for their wedding last fall.) People were quite impressed.

Enjoy the last two days of August and here's to a spectacular September!

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  1. Keesia....anything you write is good and I love to read. How was the birthday party - and what about our new baby niece??
    Glad Mazy is loving his school - and glad that Bo is making his day care people earn their money! Any big plans for Labor Day? I am feeding Logan and Mustard Seed lunch on Friday for her birthday - Jordan and Bryan coming home - Cody and Rachel will be gone all wknd...and my 33rd wedding anniversary - and Heidi's birthday. You going to the county fair?