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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A short break, and now back at the search

So I had an email yesterday from a nice woman at Whiterock Conservancy who says that we should consider Coon Rapids as a future home. She said there is a lot of community support for green trails, bike trails, arts, music and local business. So, I think Coon Rapids is our next road trip!

I'm on the community site now. Let's see what they're highlighting. Well the first thing I noticed is that their school mascot is the Crusaders. That's kind of weird. I wonder what their crusader looks like? Jefferson was the Rams, which is not a bad mascot. Not as exciting as the Panorama Panthers, but I could live with cheering on the rams.

But a positive discovery about Coon Rapids is that it was named an Iowa Great Places and it looks like the town recently built a very beautiful new entrance with fancy sculptures (see today's photo above).

We used to play CRB in softball, but I think we always played in Bayard. I don't honestly remember if I've ever been to Coon Rapids. So we will soon check it out.

No other job prospects to report at this time. It's been a busy week, but I will devote at least 30 minutes to it tonight.

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