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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Creating the life I want

We've been talking about it for quite awhile, and tonight I took the first official step in finding a new job, a new home, a new community and ultimately, a new life out in Western Iowa.

Tonight I sent an email to a man I once briefly met through my current job and asked him to pass along any job opportunities he might come across that would match my background, or Shawn's. Hooray, step 1 is complete!

I'll let you know if he ever writes back.

Here's a little background -- for the past four years I've worked at an ad agency in Des Moines. It is the most creative, dedicated, hard-working group of people I've ever come across. But it's a tough career, especially when you're a working mother. Last year I worked SIX weeks of overtime for my company. Six weeks. One week I billed 81 hours. And I worked every single one of those hours -- I wasn't padding it. It was Halloween week. I love Halloween. I took two hours off to take my sons trick-or-treating, and then went back to work until 4 a.m. That's when I finally admitted that something had to change.

I'm not willing to keep this career going at the expense of my family, my health, my sanity, or my interests and hobbies. I want to have fun! I want to contribute to the greater good and feel like I'm making a difference in people's lives. I want to bake cookies and welcome my boys home from school every day. I want them to see that my job does not take priority over them. I want to tell my husband I can do anything he needs help with, and actually have the time to do it. In short, Iwant it all! And I deserve it.

Hence, this blog and my goal of completely changing my life before I turn 35. I turn 35 on Feb. 18, 2011, so I need to get moving.

And so many of my friends are trying to do this very same thing right now. My friend Dina for example. She has two beautiful children and she is an AWESOME mother and wife. And she has an adorable husband who is Irish, which makes him so likable. Anyway, Dina sent me a FB message last night and asked me to write a letter of reference for her so she can open an in-home daycare. Hooray for Dina! She's creating the life she wants, and I'm going to do everything I can to help her.

Step 2: Write letter of reference for Dina. Target date: Friday, May 7

Step 3: Send another email to a potential contact or employer. I'm thinking about the Whiterock Conservancy in Coon Rapids, That would be a fantastic organization to work for, or volunteer for.

My son says it's time for a bedtime story. Looks like it's more Extreme Weather... One of his favorite topics!

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