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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Days, Summer Fun

Hey everyone! Summer is underway and we are having one of the best summers in memory! I can't tell you how much I love living in a small town! We've experienced so many great things already -- walking to the farmers market on Tuesday night, walking to the library, walking to downtown shops and restaurants, shopping a great local stores, dropping in on Shawn's parents, etc. It's really, really great. We love it.

Shawn and I have been working steadily on the house. Due to insurance, we had to find a contractor to quickly do some exterior work in order to get the house insured... We found a great guy though and he reshingled the front porch, took down two chimneys and patched up the roof. We'll have him back in a couple weeks to check out the central beam in the basement. He showed me some photos of his landscaping business -- wish I could hire him to do that! Our new yard is a bit of a mess... Lots of weeds, really hard ground, places with rocks and black plastic... Ugh, lots of work ahead. We tried to mow it yesterday, but the darn mower isn't working. So Shawn tried to fix that today but couldn't figure out the problem.

What else.... My sister and niece are coming to spend a day with me and Violet next weekend -- looking forward to that! My niece will be quite envious of my side of the hobby room. I spent several afternoons unpacking my fabrics and organizing them on shelves. It was so nice to be reunited with them!

The only downside this summer has been my work schedule -- totally busy and chaotic. I have two business trips coming up in the next three weeks. So far the commute to Des Moines hasn't been too bad. I enjoy the quiet time with my thoughts, but I miss being home to start supper, pick Vi up from daycare and run home for lunch.

No house photos to show you, but here are some fun pics from the 4th of July on the farm:

And here are a couple pics from our local library. The kids and I like to walk up there after supper. It's open until 8! 

Have a great week ahead, friends!

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