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Friday, April 10, 2015

Twas the Night Before the Party

We're at the farm tonight -- just finished baking the strawberry cupcakes and Mom is putting the finishing touches on her frosted castle cake. All the food is bought. The decorations are in a pile. The pinata has been chosen and stuffed. And, most importantly, the birthday girl is in bed resting before her big party.

She is VERY excited about her party. Her final words to me tonight were, "Tomorrow is going to be the best party ever!"

In the past couple weeks I've noticed a big change in Violet's language. She is no longer a babbling little toddler speaking incoherently half the time. Now she is a little girl who speaks in full sentences and in full, loud demands. Little girls are so bossy! But she is our bossy little girl and we love her so!

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