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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sushi, Science and History Day in Des Moines!

So today was GORGEOUS!!!! It was the perfect fall day and we spent most of it outdoors, enjoying the beautiful blue sky, fall colors and cool, sunny weather. Ahhhh, this is autumn and I love it.

The boys and I sent Violet to daycare today, which I still feel a little guilty about. She would have loved going on the train ride with us.... But little sister, I just didn't know if you could take 2 hours on a train with no way to get off. So she went to daycare and the boys and I went on the Boone train ride. Mazy wisely chose the outdoor "valley view" seating which was absolutely perfect for this wonderful day. Way to go, Mazy! Your train sense really paid off today.

After the train ride, we picked up Violet and headed home. Tonight there were two Halloween specials on, including my all-time favorite: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. We all carved pumpkins while we watched it.

OK, here are some photos from yesterday. One day left of vacation. Boooo! I've had so much fun, I don't want it to end! :)

State Historical Building with the boys on Tuesday:

The boys really wanted to walk in the skywalk in downtown Des Moines. It's been on Mazy's to-do list for months.... So on Tuesday, after we ate sushi after the Science Center, we went for a quick walk. Bo was so cute sitting on the escalator:

Here was our late lunch at Wasabi Tao -- a great sushi restaurant downtown. Bo isn't a huge fan of Japanese food but he loves sushi and rice so he was happy too, even though I'm not showing any photos of him: 

My photos have been in reverse order of how we experienced the day. We actually started it at the Science Center of Iowa, below. The Science Center has been on Bo's to-do list for months so I was excited to finally take him. Last week the new dinosaur exhibit opened -- it's really cool! The boys liked it. My favorite part was the embosser stations they had set up throughout the dinosaur exhibit. You put your dinosaur passport paper into the embosser and it stamped a cool dinosaur stamp on it. There were six total. Cool idea! Each of the boys had $10 to spend. Mazy saved his for the train gift shop today but Bo wanted to spend his at the Science Center on the dinosaur painting kit below.

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