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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday to the AMAZING Mazy!

Not much time to write -- we're between festivities! Mazy is officially nine years old. He woke up early (no surprise) and was excited to find that Buddy our elf had wrapped his bed in streamers and left a trail of streamers leading down to his pile of birthday presents. I made him wait until 7:30 to wake up his dad and brother, and then he was allowed to open presents.

I started getting food ready for our 10 a.m. brunch with my sister's family. My parents were originally coming as well but today is the first decent snowfall of the season. Dad decided to go deer hunting and Mom didn't want to risk the icy roads alone. Definitely cannot blame her for that. We were very appreciative that my sister and her husband braved the roads for the party!

We had huevos rancheros casserole, homemade churro waffles (delicious!), fruit kebabs, a doughnut cake, mimosas for the adults, sparkling cider for the kids and bacon. It all turned out very good. The huevos rancheros eggs were overcooked and a bit rubbery, but I liked that recipe and will be trying it again.

We sat around and talked for a couple hours, and enjoyed the snowy day. The kids played outside and came in for hot cocoa. Mazy is now building his big Lego set (The Hobbit) that he got for his birthday, and is very excited for his next event -- opening day for the Iowa Energy basketball team! We've never gone to a game before but it should be fun. As I mentioned last night, we're surprising him by having his best friends' family join us. I hope the weather doesn't prevent them. I haven't told Mazy anything about it yet, so if they can't come, he won't be disappointed.

Now we're just waiting for Violet to wake up so we can drive her to her babysitter's house and then head to the game at 4. Roads are icy we've heard... Unfortunately her sitter is in Norwalk -- not a fast drive in any conditions and definitely not fast in snow and ice. So we'll just take our time and hope for the best.

Hope you're all having a great snowy Sunday! Oh, and the Packers are losing... Hopefully the Energy pull out a win so at least one of Mazy's teams wins on his birthday. :)

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