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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fun on the Farm

A few more photos to share from the week the kids and I spent at my parents' farm. All the harvest photos of Violet in the combine were taken just 30 minutes before these, but the big mass of gray clouds finally passed just as we were getting out of the combine and the sun came out for the first time in a couple of days. So the kids ditched their coats and had some fun in the late afternoon sunshine.

 Farmer Katy digs her potatoes
My mom is truly embracing retirement! She and the boys dug a small bucket of potatoes from her garden -- something I haven't seen her do in decades!

 The boys had to check out the cab of the new combine before Dad drove it back to the field.

 Well, no one will ever confuse these two goofy city kids who are dancing on the combine as Iowa farm kids! But they are enthusiastic about visiting the farm.

 Mazy says this pose means, "I'm awesome."

 Farmer Kevin with an ear of corn.

 Cattle in the feedlot.

 Dad heading back to the field to continue combining. He drove Violet and I to the house -- valet service!

 Bo untangling some twine on the big bales of hay.

 Bo playing with his ear of corn, with the combine harvesting corn in the background. 

 Oh there's my sweet girl playing on the hay bales!

 She may be knee-high to a grasshopper, but she's fearless when it comes to jumping across the big bales!

This was the best I could get when I asked them to pose for me. There was just too much fun to be had. The big bales are a longtime fun tradition for any kid living or visiting a farm. 

Quick weekend update:
  • I attended a fun wedding Friday night for a former coworker and hung out with a couple of my favorite former coworkers. AND I met a nice couple with a 16-month-old who it turns out live just five houses away from us!
  • Before the wedding, Shawn had me open my anniversary gifts from him. He was so sweet, they were packaged individually in Peanuts Halloween gift bags and there was a very nice card to go with them as well. He insisted that I open them before the wedding because it was jewelry that he thought I might be able to wear. He was so thoughtful this year -- two beautiful necklaces. One is the traditional 13th anniversary gemstone, citrine, and the other is the non-traditional 13th anniversary gemstone, moonstone. They were both so pretty. Sadly, I only had one outfit ready for the wedding and I just couldn't get either one to match it. 
  • Saturday we cleaned house and did laundry in the morning, and then headed to the Center Grove Apple Orchard for some apples, cider slushies, apple pie, jalapeƱo mustard, horseradish mustard, pumpkin scone mix, cinnamon apple pancake mix and a couple homemade caramels. We were on our way to Shawn's parents in Nevada.
  • The kids stay at their grandparents' house while Shawn and I headed to Ames to have a quiet anniversary dinner at our favorite Ames restaurant, The Cafe. Unfortunately, we forgot that the Cyclone football team had a home game that day and our favorite restaurant had a 1 hour wait, our second choice had a 45 minute wait, our third choice was too far to drive to, so we ended up getting Thai food at a really delicious restaurant that turned out to be a super choice! And I wore one of my new necklaces!
  • Sunday we woke up and prepared for people to help us work on the house. I am going to owe my mom and aunt and sister SO MUCH when this house gets on the market. My aunt Sherie did a ton of landscaping today in the front yard and her husband brought his chainsaw over to get rid of a big bush for us. It got up to 60 degrees today -- way warmer than it's been for a couple weeks, so I had high hopes of getting a ton of outdoor projects finished -- landscaping, paint the house foundation, seal some cracks in some of the window and door frames, etc. Unfortunately, we found some loose bricks in the foundation that we tried to fix but it didn't go so well and now we have a much bigger, and scarier project that needs dealt with ASAP. Ugh. I swear this house knows we're trying to sell him so he's doing everything possible to keep us here... 
  • Violet has impetigo. It's going around her daycare like wildfire. She's on antibiotics for it and seems to be tireder and less hungry than usual. 
That's all. Hope you had a great weekend. Happy Halloween week!

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