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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fourth Quarter Begins...

I love this time of year.

In theory.

But for the past 6 years or so, fall has become known as "fourth quarter at the agency." And that means lots of work, late nights, big projects, new projects, and a frenzied period to use up all the budgets before everyone's fiscal year ends.

Fourth quarter has begun.

So that's why I've been behind on blogging. And cleaning my house. And doing laundry. And thinking about fall. And getting our house ready to sell.... And here's the really scary part, people are coming on Saturday morning to help us pack and paint and work in the yard so we can get it on the market! People are coming to my house! It's a disaster!

To top it off, Violet has had a hell of a week sleep-wise. She's been up the last couple nights -- I stayed up with her one night, Shawn stayed up with her last night, and it's slowly draining the life out of us.

But we'll make it through to Friday.

Other news:

  • Bo had his first culminating event today at school! He did such a great job. He told us all about the three parts of a seed. AND he sang all the songs and did the actions! Do you know how amazing that is! He never, ever sings in public, or does the actions! This was a big day for Bo. 
  • Bo, Mazy and I all went out for lunch after the school event. It was fun to be with the two of them, despite the periodic fighting at the table. We had pizza at a great little local place.
  • This weekend is packing weekend... Enough said there. It's going to stink. But I appreciate the help we have coming. And I really appreciate Shawn's parents taking Violet on Friday night so we can work without our red-headed sidekick. It's especially nice since Saturday is Shawn's mom's birthday!
  • Next week is a short week for the boys. We have parent/teacher conferences on Wednesday. Then no school on Thursday and Friday and the entire following week! And here's some ultra exciting news -- I'm off work that entire time as well! We're spending the first weekend at a lakehouse in Minnesota with Shawn's sister Sandy and her family. Our niece Tori is a freshman at U of Minnesota at Mankato. It's family weekend and we have lots of fun planned! After we return from Minnesota, the kiddos and I will be heading to the farm for a few days of rest, relaxation and fun, fun, fun! I LOVE autumn on the farm. I can't wait to ride in the combine, take hikes in the woods, go to the apple orchard, visit grandparents, maybe capture some stories from grandparents, and just have fun hanging out with my kids and my parents. It will be great!
That's about it for now. Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. PUT THAT FOR SALE SIGN IN YOUR YARD! Just do it. And see what happens. :) And also, we need to do lunch.