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Saturday, August 10, 2013

This Is Iowa: Siblings!

The average number of children born to U.S. women of child-bearing age is 2.06, according to the CIA website. How's that stack up around the world? If you look at the list alphabetically, in Afghanistan, the average number of children per family is 5.54, while in Zimbabwe it's 3.58.

My next question? Where do women have the most children and how many do they have? That would be Niger, with 7.03 kids per family. And the least? Hong Kong and Taiwan -- just 1.1 children per family.

Why am I thinking about this? No, I am not adding to our family... Good grief, no way. To repeat, I am NOT pregnant. But I was thinking about my siblings and the fact that we all have 2+ children. I'm winning at the moment, with three. :) But I fully expect at least one or both of my brothers to tie me, and possibly take the title with a fourth. We shall see.

Today's photos highlight my siblings, and I thought their spouses, but it turns out I didn't get any good pics of my brothers' wives... Sorry Kindi and Keri! Better luck next time. There are some non-sibling photos in the mix, too. Uncle Doug, you're one of them. :)

My sister and her son

My brother-in-law Steve

My littlest but tallest brother Bandy (who just had a birthday last week)

My Uncle Dougie and Miss Violet

Another of Steve

Troy, the sibling closest in age to me, and his son Maddox

Miss Violet 

My mom

My sis again

Troy flipping me off... He's doing this in 75% of the photos I've taken of him.

Shawn pretending to stab his mother-in-law. It was all in good fun, I swear.

And Heidi and her little mini me, Theron

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