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Thursday, August 8, 2013

This Is Iowa: Cousins!

This one is for my childhood cousins: Jordan, Cody and Logan who were, and are, a big part of my life.

Cousins are the people who have known you since birth and share so many of your favorite memories and stories, but usually tolerate you better than your siblings. :) I have pretty much always lived in Iowa, and my cousins have pretty much always lived in or near Mississippi yet we share a connection that makes it possible for us to immediately feel comfortable and at ease even when we haven't seen each other for years. That's the joy of cousins. They get you, and accept you for life.

So I am particularly happy that my kids are growing up near many of their cousins. They're sharing experiences that will help shape their childhood memories and hopefully create lifelong bonds.

So here's my families next generation -- the cousins!

Maddox and his tractor

Bo demonstrating his ability to "open wide"

Dance party with Hudson, Maddox and Theron

Our fashionistas -- Violet and Theron

It must have been hilarious! Maddox and Imersyn

Our deep thinker, Irelyn

Sweet and wonderful Hudson

Sisterly love, Irelyn and Imersyn

Imersyn getting her pout on

Cousin swim off! Theron, Bo, Marla, Mazy and Kael

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