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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

There's a Whiff of Vacation in the Air....

Do you know that beginning on Friday at 5:01 p.m., I am officially on vacation? 10 glorious days off of work! Whoohooo! Unlike Christmas break, this is a vacation with very few social obligations and only one child at home with me during the day. So I am hopeful that this working vacation will be very, very productive. Our handyman team is coming on Thursday morning to look at the bathroom and give us some quotes on several projects in it -- new flooring, maybe putting beadboard on the walls, new trim around the floor, helping figure out some issues with the tub. Basically getting it ready for the new owners, whoever they may be.

In other news:

  • Shawn bought us a new TV -- a flatscreen, a first for us. It's pretty big, like 39-inches and so thin compared to our last one! He also got a new sound system to replace the behemoth speakers and receive he's had since his college days. This is just a nifty long thin rectangle that sits on the top shelf of our entertainment unit. It's far from Violet's reach, another plus.
  • Mazy begins his February school break on Thursday. If you think I have a long vacation coming, his is even longer! He's out beginning on Feb. 7 and doesn't go back until the 19th! Monday, the 18th, is a holiday. It's not only my 37th birthday but President's Day as well. :)  It's pretty sweet that I get my birthday off from work this year. 
  • Violet turned 10 months old. Two day ago. We forgot it! Jeez, how lame is that. Our last baby and we forget to celebrate her monthly milestones. She is a dear though. Just a sweet, sassy little ball of red-haired joy! Lately, her new trick is singing. It's quite a change from her screeching. She actually changes octaves and sings different notes. It's very cute. 
  • Did I tell you Shawn finally replaced his broken computer? I haven't used it yet but I know it is very fancy and techy. He ordered all the parts and built it himself and installed everything on it. He's very computery. 
  • And since I've talked about everyone else, I should say something about my Sugar Bear -- Bo. He picked out new shoes on Sunday -- bright red ones! They're cool. I like them! We also found out on Sunday that "Sugar Bear" is a character on that awful Honey Boo Boo show. I have not watched it, but my cousin told me that's the dad's name or something. Ugh. I may have to change Bo's nickname. But he gave himself this nickname and I love it when he comes up and says, "Want some sugar from your Sugar Bear?" And then kisses me on the cheek. So sweet!
Good night, all! 

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