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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunshine Sunday

Back to my old tradition of posting happy things on Sunday, here are some images of our weekend -- mainly the excitement leading up to the ill-fated Packers vs. 49ers game on Saturday night. But it sure was fun leading up to the game, and the first quarter!

We're already planning our outfits and appetizers for a Super Bowl party at my sister's house. So excited to go to her new house for a party! Shawn hasn't even been there yet, and the few times I was there it was just for quick visits around the dining room table (the first room in the house). It will be nice to see the finished basement now that it's all unpacked.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that yesterday (Sat. morning) we woke up early (7 a.m. on a weekend is super early for us. Heck it's early for us on a weekday...) and we went to Village Inn for breakfast. I love breakfast out with the family. We only do it once a month, as it's not much cheaper than lunch out or even dinner out, but it's a great way to kick-off a weekend. In this case, it was bribery to get them all to help with the basement.

Today was uneventful. More work in the basement. Another van load of donations to Goodwill. Shawn and Mazy went shopping and out to lunch for several hours. After they returned, I took a quick nap with Bo and Violet. We had hot wings and roasted winter veggies for supper. Bo ate a peanut butter and apple sandwich, as he does not like hot wings.

Next weekend is Shawn's birthday weekend. On Saturday he has an all-day game tournament planned with his sci fi friends. Maybe the kids and I will plan a trip to the farm! His actual birthday is Saturday. I'm bummed because I ordered his presents on Jan. 2 -- weeks in advance! Not bad as Christmas shopping had just wrapped up. Anyway, I ordered it all from and realized this week that nothing had arrived yet. I checked our account and the estimated delivery date is Jan. 23! What the heck, Amazon? Hopefully they're wrong and it will arrive sooner. I'm taking this Friday off from work. I needed to use a day in Jan. or lose it when my 7-year work anniversary hits at the end of the month. And since next Monday is MLK Jr. Day, that means I have a 4-day-weekend coming up! Whoohooo!

OK, have a great week everyone. Uncles T and B are skiing in Vermont. Can anyone's plans beat that? And Uncle Bob's birthday is very soon, maybe even tomorrow. I'm not sure what today's date is. Anyway, Happy birthday, Bob!!!

 Bo's Green Bay Burger

 My four cheeseheads. Does anyone else have four Green Bay-themed hats in their home? We actually have two more stocking caps as well... And two more jerseys... No, THREE more jerseys!

 Shawn's Green Bay Burger

My Green Bay Burger — I went against the crowd and sliced my cheddarwurst lengthwise, not into little circular slices. 

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