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Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Leg Warmers!

So I didn't get any photos of our girls' day out yesterday. We had a great lunch and super fun shopping. But unfortunately, I had a terrible headache the whole day and that clouded my memory and I forgot to take any photos. Also, at six o'clock that night I got sick, threw up and spent the rest of the night in bed... So that was a bummer. But prior to that, it was a good day!

Today Violet wore her newest leg warmers to daycare -- they are the official leg warmers of Lil Scholars because they match the Lil Scholars logo, which is multi-colored polka dots. They were a big hit with Kim at the front desk. We love Kim. She loves Violet and oohs and aahs over her every day.

More news today, it was one of my favorite coworkers last days of work. Sigh. If I had a dollar for every time I've said that the last 7 years.... I'd be rich! Literally! Agencies go through a lot of employees, no doubt about it. It's always a bummer to see your favorites go though. So long, Hillary! She's the sassy ginger who gave Violet her beautiful lavender sweater, matching hat and polka-dotted onesie.

Tonight I smuggled Buddy the Elf on the Shelf into the living room when the boys weren't watching. He will make his first appearance of the season tomorrow. I will try to capture his morning antics for you each day.

It's time to get these boys to bed so I better sign off. Have a super fantastic Friday everyone!

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