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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wake Up, It's Wednesday!

Last night I laid down with Bo at 7:45 and I never got up again. It was awesome getting that much sleep in one night!!! This morning I feel totally refreshed and ready to go!

Today is the last day of warm, humid temps in Iowa. The high is supposed to be 81 degrees. Crazy! And then tomorrow, the wall of cold hits and we plummet to the 40s. The boys have their final soccer tourney on Saturday in Ankeny and it's going to be another cold one! Oh well, Violet and I are getting good at bundling up in fleece and staying warm while we cheer.

I think I have finagled to get Friday off from work. Mazy's school is off, again, so instead of sending him to work with Shawn I have a fun activity in the works... Poor Violet will probably not join us for it, but I'll pick her up early after the activity. I always feel so bad when I don't include all of them but I just don't think she'd enjoy this event because she'd have to be held the entire time and she likes to go, go, go these days!

Speaking of Violet, today is her 6-month checkup. I can't remember if there are shots at this one or not. Probably. It seems like they get 50 million shots in the first year...

We have pumpkins to carve tomorrow night.

We have It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, to watch tomorrow night.

What are your Halloween plans? Any fun family traditions you'll be observing? Any last-minute costume needs?

Have a great Wednesday!

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