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Saturday, October 20, 2012

46th Annual Wirt Picnic

Nearly a week later, I've finally downloaded the photos from the Wirt picnic last Sunday. I think I forgot to tell you that Bo woke up with some kind of stomach bug on Sunday morning and he wasn't able to go. Shawn stayed home with him. Mazy, Violet and I bundled up and drove West to Grandpa Keith's farm. It was so cold and windy!!! We had a big bonfire and I took lots of blankets, but it was still pretty darn cold for Violet to be out in it. She was a trooper though, as she always is. And she smiled and let everyone hold her and carry her around. However, I decided to skip my favorite part of the picnic, the hayride into the timber, to take her over to mom's house to warm her up and keep mom company. She left the picnic early because of the cold.

Anyway, here's the photos!

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