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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back-to-School Time

As this Wednesday night winds down, I wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures from recent days. I'll just comment a little on each so you know what's happening.

 Violet's first swimsuit. She went swimming on Sunday at the Ramada. Daddy even took her down the water slide twice and she loved it! Now are those the thighs of a ballerina or what?  :)

 I adore this photo of my three little munchkins. So much of their personalities shows here. Bo's goofy expression. Mazy's hand on Violet's shoulder. And Violet's "what the hell is going on?" expression. She often has that look when her brothers are nearby.

 This was, obviously, at Reiman Gardens in Ames. We went on Monday during our "Last Days of Summer" celebration.

 This is a huge hummingbird and trumpet flower made entirely from Legos. (31,565 Lego pieces to be exact)

 Bo and the big Lego lawn mower (made from 13,704 Lego pieces)

 Mom enjoying the view from one of the bridges at the gardens. The Lego lily pads, frog and koi were in the pond behind her. They were so cool!

 Mazy wanted to pose with the world's largest wood lawn gnome. I would like him to be in our yard, standing guard against our crappy neighbors to the west... 

And I took this photo this morning: Mazy's first day of second grade at the Downtown School. He picked out his outfit. His backpack is an Angry Birds one. Zombies and Angry Birds -- that pretty much sums up the year 2012 for our family.  :)

Bo's daycare building officially closed today. It will reopen in a new location on Monday. The new building is about five times the size of the old and will accommodate infants. So sweet Violet will be joining him. Mom is coming to our house tomorrow to stay with Vy and Bo. Shawn will stay home with them Friday. 

Good ol' Shawn and his parents have had Violet and Mazy at work with them for the last three weeks. I cannot thank them enough for doing that! Mazy loved not being in the summer camp program at his school and I loved not having to find a temporary daycare for Violet. If I can't be at home with them, then I'm glad Shawn and his parents could watch them! So thank you Shawn, Belinda and Dwayne! And thanks to our niece Tori who watched Violet a lot this summer as well!

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