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Monday, April 2, 2012

Much Less Eventful Day

I called work this morning and said, "I give up. I'm starting maternity leave today."

And then I called around for a massage, but no openings. So I called my chiropractor and got in for an adjustment and some accupressure. He said there are accupressure techniques to start labor. I was excited! I told him to try anything he could think of. About a half-hour after the appointment, I started having light contractions. So I went to Target to get some groceries and walk around to keep encouraging them.

Got home, put the groceries away, did some housework, walked around the yard, kept those contractions going! But then they fizzled out... Story of my life.

So I'm just waiting to pick up the boys and take them to Nevada for the night. They'll spend it at Grandma Belinda's house and then come to the hospital tomorrow to meet their new brother or sister! We have to be there at 6 a.m.... Like it's not bad enough you have to have labor induced, but they make you get there at the crack of dawn! Who the heck came up with that idea. I'd rather go in tonight and get it started. Oh well, it will be worth it. This time tomorrow I could have a new baby! Whoohooo!!!

Stay tuned. News is coming!

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  1. Oh excited for you. The one thing about this lengthy pregnancy is that everyone is so excited and anticipating the blessed bundle to arrive. Hope it's a girl...if it's boy number 3 that's good too...but you've waited a long time for this child to come!!! Love you lots and good luck. PUSH