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Friday, February 3, 2012

Calm Before the Snowstorm

Well, if we are to believe the meteorologists (and who is fool enough to do that?) central Iowa may get up to 5 inches of snow tomorrow. I suppose it was bound to happen, but I'm not getting my boots out until I see it.

Shawn is at board game night. Bo is in bed. Mazy is watching Friday Movie Night by himself, tonight's selection, "Real Steel." Fighting robots or something. I'm uploading photos to my site so I can order them for the upcoming scrapbooking crop in late February. Whoohooo!

Shawn stayed home with Mazy today. Took him to the doctor this afternoon and found out he had strep throat. He's on his antibiotics now and will hopefully be feeling better tomorrow or Sunday.

With luck, the snow will end and be cleared off Sunday morning so we can go to the farm for the Super Bowl party. I think Aunt Jean and Marla are joining us now. Fun! Tomorrow I want to pick up the house, do some laundry and get groceries for the party and the rest of the week.

Whatever your plans, hope they are fun!

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