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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Workout Wednesday

After a very, very, very long hiatus, today was the day I re-entered the gym and started working out again.

Man, it feels good to do something healthy! I took it easy today -- just 15 minutes on the treadmill and then weights for awhile. My goal is for three gym days a week. It also helps me save money by bringing my lunch so I can workout during my break! Whoohoo! And my homemade lunches tend to be very healthy -- lots of fresh fruit and veggies and usually some kind of Asian noodle dish (microwaveable). I'd like to start making some good soups and stews, maybe sandwiches too. I hate the processed microwaveable stuff, but it is fast and serves you in a pinch.

Other updates:

  • We are moving! We don't know when, where or how, but we're moving in 2012! To that end, we have started cleaning out our house and getting rid of unwanted, unnecessary, broken, unused items. Salvation Army shoppers are going to love us. First goal: the basement. There are boxes down there from our kitchen renovation 3.5 years ago, as well as several that were never unpacked when we moved into this house in 2003! Sheesh! Shawn is a decluttering machine. He's been filling his trunk every other night with either trash or items for the Salvation Army. I love that man, especially when he's on a mission!
  • The baby quilt is over half finished! That's right! I bought the fabric on Saturday, cut it out on Sunday and started sewing Monday. Last night I finished sewing all the strips together that will make up the majority of the quilt. Now just to add two borders, cut the backing and binding, and send it off to Shawn's aunt for quilting.
  • The boys want Big Brother quilts. So once the baby quilt is finished, I need to crank out two more quilts! Fortunately, I have the fabric bought for both. Mazy's is even cut out already, at least most of it. And Bo's should go together fast. So I think it's a doable goal by the end of March.
  • The first flea market of 2012 is taking place on Saturday at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. We're making a family outing of it. Probably won't buy anything (as we're downsizing) but it's fun to walk around and look. We are also planning lunch at the farm that day.
And that's the news from my part of Iowa. Happy Wednesday!

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