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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

7th Birthday Eve

Just got home from a very fun evening at The Bass Pro Shop with my parents -- dinner followed by bowling! To quote Mazy: "I love my Legos from Grandma, but I liked spending time with everyone even more!" Granted, I've really been pushing the "there's more to life than presents" philosophy with him lately, but it made me happy that he appreciated the time with his family. He loves bowling, and so does Bo!

I could write more about the evening, but you'd probably have more fun seeing it!

 Grandma, Bo and Grandpa at the restaurant.

 Gigantic fish hang from the ceiling in this place. There are huge aquariums and of course, the bowling alley... It's no wonder there are families everywhere you look!

 Mazy's new favorite sandwich: the club. It replaces his former standby: the fried tenderloin... He's a boy who appreciates a BIG sandwich...

 Mazy's birthday dessert -- ice cream cookie sandwich. He ate every bite!

 The boys were as excited by their bowling shoes as they were by the idea of going bowling!

 Again, what boy wouldn't love this place?? The bowling balls come out of a gigantic great white shark mouth! 

 Shawn helps Bo get ready to bowl.

 Mazy and Grandma

 Grandpa and Mazy

 Ornery and Ornerier... :) 

Me and my boys!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a great evening! It was the perfect way to kick off Mazy's 7th birthday tomorrow and we all had a blast! More birthday celebrations to come!

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